Renewable Energy Systems

We also design and complete full oil-fired and/or renewable technology central heating systems. Here at Southwest Oil heating Specialists, not only are we specialists in the field of oil-fired heating, but like you, we are wanting to help the environment for future generations. All of our engineers are experts in designing and installing tailor made system to meet your needs. We have detailed below two of our most popular type systems.

Again working very closely with one of the UK’s top manufactures, Grant UK, ( for whom we are officially accredited installers ) we feel produce some of the best renewable technology on the market. Therefore as we only fit the best, we like to promote the best.

Solar Thermal Water Heating Systems

Solar Thermal is a clean and highly efficient means of using renewable energy from the sun to provide the hot water used in the home. Many people believe that solar thermal only work in the summer, however, this type of free energy is available throughout the year. Both the Grant Aurora and Sahara collectors operate not just with direct sunlight, but also diffused sunlight, so they even work on cloudy days.

From May to September, Grant Solar Thermal could produce 100% of the energy required for heating your domestic water

All components within the Grant Solar Thermal Range are regularly tested under simulated real conditions to ensure customers receive a product of the highest quality and reliability. Grant Solar Thermal systems come complete with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Key Features

  • Complete Solar Thermal kits available, starting from one-collector systems.
  • Generates up to 70% of your hot water requirements annually
  • Collectors carry the Solar Keymark approval, allowing homeowners to access the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) from Summer 2011
  • Integrates easily with conventional water heating systems, including combination boilers when utilizing the Grant CombiSOL
  • Two styles of collector available: *Aurora* in a high quality silver anodised finish and *Sahara* in an exceptional bronze finish
  • Both feature 4mm self cleaning glass.
  • Collectors incorporate copper absorber with Sun-select coating, giving better solar absorption
  • Unique serpentine pipe configuration within the collectors ensures maximum heat transfer and eliminates air locks
  • On-roof, in-roof and flat-roof collector mounting systems, both in portrait and landscape.

Air source heat pumps

If however you feel you would like to have a complete stand alone renewable heating/hot water system offering the choice of having no boiler what so ever, which can also replace existing boilers, have you thought about having an air source heat pump installed.

Air Source Heat Pumps use basic thermodynamic principles to convert latent/sensible heat (contained within the ambient air) into heat energy that can be used to provide heating and hot water. In this respect the device can be classified as a renewable energy source because the heat in the ambient air is replenished by the sun.
There are two types of ASHP- *air to air* and *air to water*.

Air to air heat pumps release the captured energy through an air heat exchanger, which is then forced (by fan) around the dwelling through trunking, or directly into the room. Most commercial buildings use this type of heating medium. The Grant Aerona is the air to water type. Air to water heat pumps release the energy into a water circuit which is then used in a wet heating system (radiators or underfloor).

A good choice for home heating

Upward spiraling energy costs and advances in heating technology, have positioned Grant Aerona Air source heat pumps as a very realistic alternative to the conventional fossil-fueled heating system.

Compared with other domestic heating methods, a Grant Aerona heat pump can benefit homeowners by creating annual savings on fuel bills, as it can deliver up to 5.8kW of energy for every 1kW used to run the unit (this figure is dependent upon the model and water/air temperature. It also means that homes have a lower dependency on fossil fuels, making them less susceptible to rising fuel prices. Home heating in the UK additionally accounts for some 30% of carbon emissions. Grant Aerona heat pumps can help reduce the amount of these harmful gases being released into the atmosphere, therefore lowering the homes carbon footprint. The units are available as five MCS Approved *single phase* units, with outputs ranging from 6.5kW-15.5kW.
Key Features

  • Exceptionally high COP’s up to 5.8.
  • Factory fitted weather compensating device with dual temperature control, allowing the unit to perform more efficiently.
  • Factory fitted 3kW Immersion back up, designed to operate when demand for the ASHP exceeds its stated output e.g. extreme cold weather for long periods.
  • Legs ensure heat pump is protected against snow build up, leaves and flood.
  • Base tray heating element to stop ice formation in cold weather conditions.
  • High quality powder coated external case with condensate deflector.
  • Compact design with common footprint across all models
  •  Two year manufacturer’s warranty, with an option to extend this to five-years.