Oil Boiler Repairs/Breakdowns Cornwall

Due to the vast range of stock we carry on our vans, at all times, we are able to repair 99% of all boiler, cooker and stoves on the same day that we visit you. We look to get to our regular customers the same day or the next day at the latest, so being without heating and hot water is something our customers never experience.

Grant CylinderThrough years of experience we have devised a van stock to suit all popular appliances so having the wrong spare or no spare at all is something that hardly ever happens. This means from calling us to having your appliance back online is a matter of hours not days. This we feel is where we stand out from the crowd and excel in our field as being cold and having no hot water is something no one wants. In the unlikely event of us not having the part you require, we look to get the appliance back online with the correct part, within 24 hours!!